A brief description of each of our products:


A unique formulation comprising of aloe ferox gel and the perfect amount of essential oils to produce a quick healing and antibacterial aid. Perfect for burns, cuts, wounds, any skin abrasions, insect bites or even as a muscle pain relief. Our mixture of essential oils provide an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect which in turn promotes healing. They also have an antiviral and antibacterial atmosphere cleansing the affected area helping the damaged skin to heal in a more germ-free platform. All essential oils used are of the purest nature; promoting holistic skincare. Our SOS Gel is paraben, SLS and colourant FREE making it ideal to use on the most delicate of skin. SOS Gel is safe to use on newborns right up to the elderly.

Price: 100ml at R120


After Sun Gel

After a long day at the beach you come home with the perfect tan and…the perfect sunburn.

Our After Sun gel contains aloe ferox gel which provides a cooling effect to the affected area while healing and nourishing the skin to prevent peeling. Essential oils included are best for an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory approach which promotes speed healing and calms the skin. You will be able to keep your tan minus the burn with our After Sun Gel.

Price : 100ml at R120

After sun

Nourishing Hand & Foot Mask

For luxuriously soft pampered hands and feet, our Nourishing Hand and Foot Mask produces just that. A mask that can be used every night or within a mani/pedi. Ideally you would want to give them a good exfoliation then apply the mask and leave on overnight…this method provides the perfect feel for spa pampered hands and feet.

Price: 100ml at R65

Nourishing hf mask

Kiddie Range

Sleepy Rub

Our Sleepy Rub contains essential oils that enhances a calm effect on the mind and body enabling your little one to have a peaceful night’s sleep. We’ve included essential oils which helps little ones simmer down and relax for a peaceful nights sleep. These essential oils calms both the mind and body ensuring minimal night terrors, less anxiety and reduces bedtime battles. Overall it helps to promote a healthy, restorative and uninterrupted sleep producing a happy child the next day. Massage onto the soles of little feet after bath time, preferably just before bedtime.

 Price: 100ml at R65


Calming Bath Soak                                                                                           

Our bath soak helps get little ones prepped and ready for bedtime by incorporating magnesium sulphate and essential oils. These ingredients enables a state of calm in kids, reduces hyperactivity thereby setting the mood for sleep. We added sodium bicarbonate to help little ones have an itch free, skin softening slumber and helping relieve tired muscles that come with being busy bees. Using our calming bath soak regularly helps little ones keep the magnesium levels high in their body (an important but often lacked mineral in our body), it also provides a sense of security and calm which helps kids settle down to a peaceful night’s sleep. This calming soak helps with muscle pain, hyperactivity as well as promoting good sleep patterns. Our bath soak is designed for little ones but can be beneficial to all ages. Comes in a 1 litre tub.

Price: 1L at R70


Colours available in Calming Bath Soak












Relax range

Relax Body Butter

A thick rich body moisturizer with comforting essential oils creating a calm feel and peace of mind. Our Relax Body Butter will provide your skin with the nourishment it needs providing a soft pampered skin feel.

Price: 100ml at R65

Handmade Soaps

Shampoo Bars

Our shampoo bars gives you a clean wash the first time round. They are great for hair and body making it easy to travel with. We’re using a great coconut oil to help give a squeaky clean with no harmful SLS added. Our coconut oil base also helps make our soap a hard bar thereby lasting much longer than other soaps. No harmful additives or preservative are added and only food grade colourants are used. If its safe to eat, its safe for your skin. Essential oils are for both skin and hair benefits, we’ve added pure essential oils that will benefit your skin aswell, leaving you with a scent of ambiance.

Available shampoo bars:

Lavender, Teatree & Green tea, Chamomile, Lemongrass & Moringa, Beard with Sandalwood: R40 each

Glycerine body soaps:

Lavender Spring, Rose Swirl, Lemon Drop & Fragrance/Colourant Free: R30 each

Our artistic soaps are great as a body soap, they contain moisturising qualities and are very subtle rendering them safe to use even on babies. They are vegetable based so no worries about any animal derived ingredients. We include amazing fragrances and essential oils in these soaps, the scent will make your bathroom smell wonderful for days. Our glycerine soaps are forever changing depending on our customers likes. Some may be discontinued with new and extravagant soaps always popping up. Feel free to email us with regards to whats new and what is currently in stock.

Rose Swirl Glycerine Body Soap

Lavender Spring Glycerine Body Soap

Fragrance free, Colourant free Glycerine Body Soap


Lemon Drop Glycerine Body Soap